Mobile/Web App Dev & Modernization

Harmonia’s developers are experts in developing SOA solutions for all common SOA platforms. Develop easily reusable enterprise code modules from scratch or migrate legacy code for enhanced re-usability. Use LiquidApps® to test, consume, and mashup web services. Quickly develop rich web service clients without writing any code.

  • Develop web services for Axis or Oracle
  • LiquidApps® rapid behavior editor allows you to quickly consume web services from any source and generate web service clients

    LiquidApps™ empowers domain and human-factors experts to design/compose warfighter-centered applications through model-based design, and then pass them off to software developers to complete. LiquidApps™ allows a visual method of intertwining requirements analysis and HCI design, to allow better conceptualization of the end warfighter experience than is possible with traditional requirements systems. A package of visual design and requirements can be accessed anywhere by stakeholders to get their buy-in and feedback, to better insure that the requirements are accurate before a line of code is ever written. LiquidApps™ provides a visual catalog of reusable parts and services which are recognizable by the domain expert. Their use saves time and ensures consistency across geographically distributed team members. The expert can even construct an application or customize an application on the fly that meets the current needs of a situation or mission. The tool can synchronize engineering artifacts, including UML from Rational, requirements from DOORS, and business process diagrams from Visio. LiquidApps™ makes the design of applications as simple as creating PowerPoint slides. Design models are stored in a meta-model. The tool provides a comprehensive Human-Computer Interface (HCI) and graphic design environment with an easy-to-use PowerPoint-like HCI that can automatically generate code for Java, C++, and HTML. LiquidApps™ can automatically instrument generated code to record a trace of what actions a user takes when using an HCI. LiquidApps™ can automatically generate and execute testware, and automated instrumentation of application HCIs for usability testing and analysis. LiquidApps can also generate training/technical documentation corresponding to applications imported into or designed with LiquidApps™. Training can be generated in SCORM, S1000D, Flash, HTML, and XML. LiquidApps automatically makes new screenshots of HCIs to update training documents when the HCIs change. The tool has reached SBIR Phase III transition with Raytheon for use in constructing thousands of HCI prototypes for all mission areas of Zumwalt, as well as with Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and other system integrators, as well as NAVSEA05H.

  • Develop reusable services to reduce costs when developing future applicati
  • Use Rise™ technology to migrate legacy code to an SOA implementation, instead of writing it from scratch