Creative yet simple solutions. A pragmatic Agile approach.


We emphasize practices that ‘build security in’ when constructing software and systems, rather than relying solely on post-development code scanning/incident monitoring to catch exploitations.


The IT industry today is undergoing an unprecedented transformation away from decades-old practices of manual configuration management, testing, and deployment of software to automation.

Enterprise Data

We provide a full spectrum of services using proprietary and open-source tools to help agencies and organizations build and enhance their BI and data capabilities


We have been systematically working with our customers to provide services for realization of their mobile-first strategies, browser-based application development, server-side development, and modernization of legacy codes


We provide secure cloud solutions to our federal customers including design, security, deployment and maintenance


We offer services to develop and deliver classroom-based training, computer-based training, training via targeted presentation to user groups, brown bag lunch talks, etc.

Our Partners

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“Harmonia is outstanding at keeping end user satisfaction and ease of use at the forefront… Harmonia’s team members have a strong commitment to ensuring smooth operation of OCIO systems, going out of their way to help other contractors (e.g., help desk and security auditors) with the expert-level knowledge that Harmonia has developed…the Contractor’s management is very responsive to changing priorities in the dynamic environment we have at SBA… project performance by the Harmonia team has been exemplary.”

Contract Officer, SBA

“Their character and work ethic distinguishes them among the best in government contracting and exactly the caliber of individuals FPAC requires for the challenges ahead.”

Customer, USDA

“I’ve found the Harmonia Team to be extremely reliable and committed. They take ownership of their assigned responsibilities to ensure our collective mission of great IT service is accomplished effectively. As is the nature of our profession, they work quietly scratching out innovative solutions, solving problems often in the late hours of the day and unknown to benefactors.  They appear to be driven not by hopes of public recognition or praise, but out of pride and honor for work well done.”

Federal Employee, USDA