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“measurable impact is just part of our DNA”

Harmonia Holdings Group, LLC was born in 2006 at Virginia Tech’s Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg, VA. We wanted to bring innovation and change to the federal IT sector. We believed (and still believe today) that with shrinking federal budgets, there are huge opportunities to bring more efficiency to government through emerging technologies. We are a fun-loving, hard-working team of close to 400 professionals who are relentless in our pursuit of high-quality, cutting-edge solutions for our customers.

In the early days, we found the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants to be a unique and unparalleled way to seed innovative approaches and ideas. They allowed us to gauge some of the pain points in government, they also helped assimilate a keen understanding and knowledge of federal IT and procurement processes overall. Several of the seeds we sowed through the SBIR program led to full-blown solutions (such as CACPay, a virtual payment system in the process of being implemented across the US Naval fleet; Conforma, a software assurance solution that has been competitively selected and is being implemented by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA); and RapidStat, a visual statistical analysis package that provides SAS-type functionality within Excel to researchers at the National Cancer Institute). These successes laid the foundation for our growth and success. Today we have over 90+ Phase II and III SBIR awards, and Phase III awards can be used to award new and unlimited sole source contracts.

Today, we have primed over 125 contracts helping our clients adopt Agile and DevSecOps. Some examples include:

– The transformation of a complex system (with 1.2+M lines of code, and 50+ services on 20+server) from manual/Waterfall to Agile/DevOps, eliminating 756 Tier 3 backlog items accumulated by the previous incumbent  and reducing the Tier 3 backlog by 90% (USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service).

– Managing a $500M IDIQ with a 90-person team supporting 13,000 users accessing a massive (2+ PByte) database infrastructure, outperforming the previous incumbent by cutting overtime, and saving $20+M over the 5-year contract term (USDA Farm Production & Conservation).

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