Harmonia Helps NASA Rise to Greater Productivity with Modern Development Environment

NASA relies on computational algorithms written in Fortran to do modeling, analysis, data exploration, and prediction. Despite the need to continue to use Fortran, which has been in use since the 1950s, modern tooling that has an easy to use user interface (UI) and is part of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) has been problematic for Fortran. Harmonia will address this need using our Rise™ product.

Through Rise, Harmonia will give the NASA Fortran community the same rich functionality for Fortran via a plug-in for Eclipse, an open-source IDE, that is available for Java developers. Rise is so named in the sense of helping developers rise up in productivity, and raising older programming languages up to the level that modern IDEs provide. Rise is especially useful in areas where there are a shortage of qualified developers who are experts on Fortran, due to our ability to allow non-Fortran programmers to view Fortran code in a different programming language.

Harmonia has already implemented versions of Rise for Ada and C/C++ as plug-ins to Eclipse.