"Having a fun and challenging time. I’ve been with this company for quite some time at the Alexandria office and am truly enjoying my time here. The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed but mix with seriousness where work is concern. Everyone is always so helpful to me when I need. My PM is one of the best that I have worked with in my long career from small to large corporations and private to government. Ayra has great people skills and treat everyone with fairness and compassion. She holds herself with dignity stemming from a high sense of integrity. The work at UPSTO is high paced and challenging, keeps me on my toes and allows me to expand my skill sets. Many interesting projects going on in USPTO and most or all of the projects are comprised of personnel from the three vendors here, but our office always seem to have someone that USPTO manager choose as the project lead. That give you an idea of the caliber of the people we have. All the Project leads are so dedicated and yet accessible and have helped me whenever I needed even though I am working on another project. Their skill sets are very high not like some of the other posts on here which I have seen where the person claimed to be a project lead yet could not even write with correct grammar or any semblance of cohesive thought process. The company itself is growing fast. The usual health, vision, dental, 401k benefits are available and are fair. I have had chances to interact with upper management and CEO and they are nice people." Current Employee - Software Engineering Team Lead in Alexandria, VA June 2016
"Working on stimulating projects with great individuals!!!! I have been working with Harmonia at their Alexandria, VA office for some time now and felt it has been worthwhile to work in such an environment. The company has good career growth potential. The company has a talented group of people. They are willing to help others even at times when they are busy. The deadlines imposed by the clients can be imposing at times, but collectively, we persevere and exceed expectations. Our project manager is one of the best I have worked with. She has great communication skills and respects people's opinions. She has has a vision of where things are going and the ability to articulate it." Current Employee - Automation Test Engineer in Alexandria, VA June 2016
"Solid company, great growth, emerging gem. Do your work, do it well, and you will be rewarded. No micro-management, you are brought on board to do a job and are expected to perform. Competitive salary and bonuses, great medical and dental, and the 401k match is top-notch. Outstanding team environment, great culture and diversity. High focus on maintaining and retaining proficiency, skills and education. Incredible support staff and a broad range of highly technical experts working in new and challenging technologies. Fun social events for every family member." Former Employee - Project Manager in Stafford, VA July 2016
"Emerging Diamond of Software Development Talent. Harmonia is a special place to work. The people there are extremely welcoming and easily collaborate with others. The management has an open door policy and seems to have genuine interest in the people who report to them. Harmonia has a highly advanced and constantly improving development process and workflow that only the most cutting edge of companies have attained. For a company of its size, you would not expect the kinds of investment that Harmonia has made in making their work better for both their customers and their contributors. The Agile leaning, Scrum environment provides a well-balanced box of planned work from week to week, and the push for continuous integration across the board is something many larger companies haven't achieved yet." Former Employee on Glassdoor, June 2015
"Harmonia Holdings Group LLC is a solid company with a clear vision, excellent values and outstanding leadership. The company presents a wide range of opportunities for professionals looking to advance their career. The long-term growth model and expansion into new and emerging markets is providing exciting opportunities. The leadership genuinely cares about employees and strives to create a balanced work environment.” Current Employee on Glassdoor, Jan 2015
“Thank you for your partnership. We work in an industry where we partner with a company one day and compete with them another. You guys do that in a way that is fair and respectful. Its probably the reason why you have grown so quickly.” COO, Partner Company, May 2015
“I truly applaud the Phase I successful efforts during the Christmas Holiday season.  Your tenacity and knowledge of our environment was one of the key success factors. (Your) team did an outstanding job given the many challenges and hurdles we had to overcome in a very short period of time. And for the record, we were the first (and probably the last) to ever pull off 5 phase gate reviews in a single meeting and being able to successfully get through those gates is a testament to you following through and having all documents developed reviewed and in Project Server within a timely manner. Thank you for a well-executed Phase I and there is no doubt in my mind that Phase II will be done on time with high quality results." Email from COR/PM at USDA, Jan 2015
“Very Welcoming, Great Rewards, and Wonderful People. Company is rapidly growing with many new projects! Management actually recognizes your hard work and rewards you generously. They provide amazing benefits and guide you on what are the best options for you. The CEO and her family have many fun social events and gatherings to make the company feel like one big family. They are looking out for your best interest and allows you to grow as an individual and in the company. HR folks are easy to work with and respond in a timely manner. Overall, this company is a great place to start, build, and maintain a career!” Current Employee on Glassdoor, Jan 2015